A-few-day cycling tour

I will be able to make arrangement for your bike trip
by hearing your request in a case of a-few-day tour.
An actual example
5 days
・day 1
arrival at an airport and going to a hotel
・day 2
cycling 50-80km
Asahikawa – Biei
Shirogane Onsen
・day 3
cycling 50-80km
Sirogane Onsen – Biei
・day 4
cycling 50-80km
around Furano
・day 5
Near Sapporo, Otaru, Niseko, Lake Toya
Furano, Biei
Obihiro, Tokachi
East Hokkaido Abashiri, Kushiro, Shiretoko

I will listen to your request by email, for example, distance to go a day, the number of cycling days and participants, and skill. I’ll suggest a cycling plan and quotation.
I’ll make plans with clients by asking about what kind of food you want, or what you want to try. And I’ll tell you weather and clothing while cycling.
A support car
The support car becomes an aid station supplied water, hot drinks, support drinks, fruits and support food.
In case of mechanical trouble on a bike or changing your physical condition, it will give you a ride.

SAN is ready for lunch during tours.Local vegetables and fresh seafood are beautiful.
A tour fee
The tour fee is included a guide fee, a rental bike and a helmet, lunch fees, the support car with an interpreter in English, and support food and drinks.
SAN needs a deposit for a-few-day cycling tour.
Please make bookings of flights and hotels by yourselves. if you need help, look at this. →
It helps you to get domestic information in Japan.
Participants insure yourselves in your country if you need.
Please make inquiries about tour fee in details.

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